Cheap Android Tablets – Effectively Serving your Purpose

Most cheap Android tablets are known to have slow processors and come installed with older versions of Android. This results in a not so smooth and blazing experience with latest apps and games but this doesn’t mean you cannot use it for browsing the internet, read eBooks, listen to music and watch movies. All this at a price less than $200; read on to know which tablets are these.

Cheap Android Tablets

Archos Arnova 10 – $183

This amazing 10” tablet from the French company Archos will surprise you with its support for a wide range of audio and video codecs. Internal memory is only 4GB but there’s a microSD card slot to help with that. The tablet ships with 2.1 Eclair so browsing and basic gaming is possible as well. Battery is good enough for 6 hours on a single charge with nearly heavy usage. It is even capable of 720p video playback.

SuperPad3 x220 10.2” Froyo Tablet – $219

This is a dream tablet for the price. It ships with Froyo, has a 10.2” screen and is powered by an ARM 11 1GHz CPU which is no slouch. The tablet has 512MB RAM, same as the iPad, so a similar level of browsing experience can be expected. 3G is absent, but presence of Wi-Fi and GPS more than makes up for it. The tablet has 4 gigs of internal memory which can be expanded further upto 32 GB through a microSD slot. Google Navigation is up for grabs as the tab has GPS. The deal gets only more irresistible when you consider the external keyboard in the package. Also rooting this Android tablet, will immensely increase its performance.

Coby KYROS MID7024 – $151

One of the newest 7” Android tabs around, the KYROS sells for an astonishing $151. The tab is no slouch either with its Samsung made ARM A8 Cortex 1 GHz processor. The screen is a 7”, 800×480 pixels unit based on resistive touch technology. Internal memory is 4GB and can be enhanced through the microSD slot. The tab runs Android Froyo 2.2 out of the box. A portable size, great hardware and Froyo make this tab an excellent deal for the price it sells.

Velocity Micro T301 Cruz – $159

The Micro is a classic 7” tab that runs Android at a decent 800×600 pixel resolution. This results in a 4:3 aspect ratio and is ideal for those intending to do a lot of reading on their tablets. Even with the 4:3 form factor, internet browsing, gaming and watching movies is a good experience. The screen is a capacitive unit and the tab has 256MB of RAM. Wi-Fi is inbuilt while the battery is rated to last more than 8 hours with normal usage.

Archos 70 – 8GB ($219) and 250GB ($264)

Another low cost tab from Archos, the 70 truly takes the fight upto the big boys with its HDMI out port, support for OpenGL ES 2.0 support, a powerful 1GHz processor and support for a wide range of media formats. The 8GB version comes with a SSD while the 250GB version runs a hard drive. The tab runs OS out of the box and supports Bluetooth 2.1 EDR in addition to Wi-Fi connectivity. The tab also has a front facing VGA camera for video chatting.

Zenithink ePad 10” Tablet – $229

An iPad lookalike, the ePad is one powerful tablet. It runs the Zenithink ZT180 1 GHz CPU which is right up there with the big boys when it comes to raw processing power. The ePad’s screen is a 10” unit with 1024×600 pixels resolution. The screen has a 16:9 aspect ratio which makes it ideal for watching movies. With the powerful CPU, HD playback is downright smooth. The Tab has 256MB of RAM and internal memory is at 2GB which is quite low. Battery life is rated at 3 hours with Wi-Fi usage.

Sumixe 7” Android Tab – $134

Selling at such a dirt cheap price you might be forgiven for thinking too low of this tablet. It’s got most of the features one expects from a modern tab like HDMI out, wide support for many media formats and support for external flash drives through USB port. The tab has a 7” inch resistive screen with 800×480 pixels resolution and a Telechips 8900 ARM 11 720MHz CPU which is enough for most tasks. Battery is a 1800mAh unit rated for 4 hours of moderate to heavy usage.